Pumping water from the nasal compartments “Tashkent” destroyer leader

Tashkent destroyer leader

The rise of the leader of the destroyers of the project 20I “Tashkent”. Pumping water from the bow compartments and spaceships. For pumping water, 4 motor pumps with a total capacity of 1040 t/h were used.

The ship was sunk by German aircraft in the port of Novorossiysk on July 2, 1942. After the liberation of the city on January 13, 1944, ship lifting operations began The ship was able to lift only August 30, 1944. The ascent took place without complications, after which the ship was towed to the shallow and set on a flat ground at a depth of 4.5 meters. On the sandbanks all the holes were sealed. During the damage survey, it was found that there was no point in restoring the “Tashkent”, and after towing to the port of Nikolaev in 1945 the ship was scrapped.

Source of photo information:

  1. tsushima.su

Location: Novorossiysk, USSR
Photo date: 1944

In : 1944

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