Portrait of Colonel of the Red Army Mukhamedzhan Nurgaliyev

Colonel Mukhamedzhan Nurgaliyev

Mukhamedzhan Nurgaliyev at the beginning of the war in Almaty, as a military commissar, was engaged in the formation of units to the front, including the 316th rifle division. He was in commissar positions in the 15th Rifle Division and the 7th Cavalry Corps of General Pogrebov. For a period, he was the editor of the newspaper “To Defeat the Enemy” of the Bryansk Front. Then after the end of the course “The Shot” commanded the 139th regiment of the 41st division and the 190th regiment of the 50th Oryol division. Then again the courses “Shot” for the deputy divisional commanders. After graduating, he was sent to Kazakhstan, where he met the end of the war.

In 1945 he was sent to China to assist in the creation of a new republic (today’s XUAR of China), but the project was not implemented due to disagreements between the leaders of the USSR and China.


Photo courtesy of Kazbek Beisebayev.

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