“Pom-Pom” anti-aircraft gun on the English destroyer in the Mediterranean

Pom-Pom anti-aircraft gun

The Team of Pom-Pom anti-aircraft gun (QF 2-pounder naval gun) rests after repelling an air raid on one of the British destroyers accompanying a naval convoy during the operation of the Pedestal in the Mediterranean – delivering food, equipment and ammunition to the besieged Malta

The Pom-Pom 40-mm multi-barreled anti-aircraft gun was developed in 1927 and was considered obsolete by the beginning of World War II. In the course of hostilities, the Pom-Pom were gradually replaced by the 20-mm Oerlikon and 40-mm Bofors.

Sources of information about the photo:

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Location: Mediterranean Sea
Date of photo: August 1942

In : 1942

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