Polish 37 mm Bofors anti-tank gun

Polish 37 mm "Bofors" anti-tank gun

Polish 37 mm Bofors antitank gun (wz.36) of the Swedish production at the firing position against the tanks of the Nazi Panzerwaffe and Bolshevik’s armored hordes.
37mm Swedish gun Bofors were exported to various countries, including and Poland. In Poland, the gun had a designation wz.36. 300 guns were purchased by Poles in Sweden and several hundred were produced on SMPzA military factory (Stowarzyszenie Mechanikow Polski z Ameryki) in Pruszków (under license, acquired in 1936), some of which were exported to other countries. By the beginning of WWII Polish Army had 1,200 such guns.

The Germans captured 621 Polish Bofors gun ( wz.36) in 1939 and took it to the Nazi Wehrmacht under the designation 3,7 cm Pak 36(p).



Location: Poland

Time taken: September 1939

In : 1939

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