Polish 10TP wheeled tank

10TP tank

Polish 10TP tank on wheels.
With this type of movement, the second track roller was raised to improve the maneuvering qualities of the tank, as can be seen in this photo.
Armament 10TP tank – 2 of 7.92 mm Ckm wz.30 (ciężki karabin maszynowy wz.30) is a Polish machine gun based on the American Browning M1917 water cooling machine gun.
The wheeled-tracked 10TP tank was the pinnacle of the Polish tank-building thought of the pre-war period, meeting the requirements of a new, maneuverable war.

10TP Tank was built in a single copy and, according to available data, he took part in the defense of Warsaw in September 1939.

Location: Poland
Date: 1938

In : 1938

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