Platoon of Soviet soldiers in the Nazi Germany

Platoon of Soviet soldiers

A group portrait of a platoon of Soviet soldiers of the Red Army in the Nazi Germany in 1945.
The extreme left is Soviet soldier Viktor Pavlovich Chunikhin, a native of the village of Tundutovo Maloderbetovsky district of the Kalmyk ASSR. In August 1942, together with other residents of the village of Tundutovo, he was forcibly taken to forced labor in Germany. He worked as a handyman, released on May 3, 1945. (KGB reference of October 21, 1994)

Called to the Red Army on May 15, 1945 in 185 AZZP (army reserve rifle regiment). Since May 22, 1945 – Private 5 rifle company 2 infantry battalion 1268 infantry Lomza regiment.

Since June 17, 1945 – the shooter of the 8th Infantry Company of the 3rd Infantry Battalion of the 674th Infantry Regiment.

Dismissed from the ranks of the Red Army under the Law of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR on September 25, 1945 as unfit for military service with the exception of the record.



Location: Germany
Date: 1945

In : 1945

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