Soviet pilots from the 2 nd Squadron 124 th Fighter Regiment on the volleyball court

Pilots from 124 Fighter Regiment

Soviet pilots from the 2 nd squadron 124 th Fighter Regiment of the Red Army Air Force on the volleyball court.
Soviet pilots from left to right: pilot Lieutenant Nikolai Leontyevich Grunin, squadron commander Captain Alexander Georgievich Pronin, wing commander Lieutenant Sergei Moiseevich Demidov, wing commander Lieutenant Nikifor Nikiforovich Kuzmenko.

September 09, 1941, Soviet pilot Junior Lieutenant Nikolai Grunin, patrolling in the Tula region, rammed the Junkers bomber Ju-88. Letchki Senior Lieutenant Nikolai Grunin was killed on September 16, 1942 while performing a combat mission. The wing of the MiG fighter aircraft, performing a combat mission to cover the Red Army troops, entered into an air battle with the wing of the Messerschmitt. Nikolay Grunin in this battle was shot down, jumped out, opened the parachute early, caught on the stabilizer of his fighter and died. From the airfield Levashovo (Leningrad Front) made from 130 to 150 sorties; except Ju-88, had on its account and other downed Luftwaffe aircraft.

Soviet pilot Captain Alexander Pronin from the beginning of the Great Patriotic War served in the 124th Fighter Regiment (Leningrad Front, Western Air Defense District). Squadron navigator, navigator of the regiment, deputy squadron commander, squadron commander. Since June 1943 the regiment commander (later the regiment became the 102nd Guards Fighter Aviation Regiment) and remained until December 1947. The total number of his air victories in the Second World War: 11 downed enemy aircraft.

Soviet pilot Flight Lieutenant Demidov from June 22, 1941 to August 23, 1942 produced 207 sorties, 10 air battles, personally shot down 2 of Messerschmitt-109. Awarded the Order of the Red Flag. September 9, 1942 Lieutenant-commander Demidov Sergei Moiseyevich was killed while performing a combat mission.

The Soviet pilot, the commander of the wing 124-102 GVIAP Nikifor Kuzmenko was one of the pilots who distinguished themselves most in air battles. The first order of the “Red Star” (Order No. 0997 / n of April 30,1942) – for participation in the repulse of massive raids on Leningrad on April 24-25 1942. In the battle on April 25, 1942, Messerschmitt-109 was shot down. Order “Red Banner” – for three downed enemy aircraft and 13 successful reconnaissance. During the war years pilot Nikifor Kuzmenko made 419 sorties. On his account eight personally shot down enemy aircraft and two – in the group.



Location: Levashovo, Leningrad Region, USSR
Date: 1942

In : 1942

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