Pilot of the Red Army Senior Lieutenant Mikhail Martynov near the La-5 fighter

Lieutenant Mikhail Martynov, La-5 fighter

Soviet pilot of the Red Army senior lieutenant Mikhail Mikhailovich Martynov near the La-5 fighter.

During World War II, Mikhail Martynov flew on LaGG-3, LA-5, LA-7 aircraft. He performed 267 sorties, conducted 49 air battles, in which he destroyed 16 enemy aircraft.
Mikhail Martynov participated in hostilities on the Kalinin, Stalingrad, South, South-West, North Caucasus, Voronezh, First Ukrainian, Fourth Ukrainian, fronts. At the end of the war he participated in the Moravian – Ostrava operation (in Czechoslovakia).
Mikhail Martynov ended the war with the rank of senior lieutenant, wing commander.

Location: Morav Ostrava, Czechoslovakia
Photo Time: 1945

In : 1945

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