Pilot Major Ivan Polbin near his SB-2M-100A bomber

Pilot Major Ivan Polbin near his SB-2M-100A bomber

Ivan Semenovich Polbin – famous Soviet pilot, twice Hero of the Soviet Union. In the Red Army since 1927. For active participation in the fighting in the area Khalkhin Gol (Mongolia) in 1939 awarded the Order of Lenin.
During the Great Patriotic War in the army from July 1941. He flew 157 combat sorties. He developed and implemented the practice of fighting circuit group of dive bombers strike ( “spinner”). He fought in the West, Stalingrad, Bryansk, Voronezh, 1 st and 2 nd Ukrainian fronts. He commanded the 150 th Speed ​​Bomber Regiment, then 301 bombing aviation division (since 1942), 1st (2nd Guards, the 6th Guards) Aviation Corps (1943).
Guard Air Force Major General Ivan Polbin died a heroic death February 11, 1945 in an air battle near Breslau, making his last, 157th, sortie.


Time taken: 17 August 1941
Picture Author: Mikhail Savin

In : 1941

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