Pilot Alexei Alelyukhin on the La-7 fighter

Alexei Alelyukhin

Twice Hero of the Soviet Union, Major Aleksey Alelyukhin on the La-7 fighter, donated to him by trust No. 41 of the NKAP (People’s Commissariat of the Aviation Industry). East Prussia.

Aleksey Vasilievich Alelyukhin is one of the most famous Soviet pilots. During the war, he made about 600 sorties, conducted a record number of fights – 258, fought with German, Italian, Polish, French, Romanian, Dutch and British aircraft, was wounded, burned, landed a damaged aircraft for an “emergency landing” and jumped from parachute, won for the war 40 official victories. In the last months of the war, he flew on a la-7 registered fighter with the inscription “to Aleksey Alelyukhin from the collective of Trust No. 41 of the NKAP”.



Location: East Prussia, Germany
Date: 1945

In : 1945

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