Photo correspondent O. Knorring and cameraman I. Malov are filming the interrogation of a captive German Obergefreiter

Photo correspondent O. Knorring, cameraman I. Malov, Obergefreiter

Oleg Knorring, a photo correspondent for the Krasnaya Zvezda newspaper, and Ivan Malov, a cameraman, are filming the interrogation of the prisoner Obergefreiter Alphonse Baumhor from the 5th company of the 157th Infantry Regiment of the 86th Infantry Division of the Wehrmacht, who voluntarily switched to the Red Army at 20 o’clock on July 6, 1943 of the year.
Captain S. Mironov (right) and translator Iones (center) lead the interrogation. Central Front, Orel-Kursk direction.

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Location: USSR
Date: July 07, 1943
Photo by Victor Kinelovsky

In : 1943

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