Pearl Harbor and American battleships during the attack of the Japanese

Pearl Harbor

View of the harbor of Pearl Harbor and a number of American battleships during the Japanese attack.
“A number of battleships” – concrete piles, to which the board was moored to the side by heavy ships. In the foreground in the lower left corner of the photo is the battleship “Nevada” (USS Nevada), then the ships are moored in pairs:
on the left the repair ship “Vestal” (USS Vestal) (heavily damaged), to the right battleship “Arizona” (USS Arizona) (sunk)
on the left is the battleship “West Virginia” (USS West Virginia), on the right battleship “Tennessee” (USS Tennessee) (both damaged);
left the battleship “Oklahoma” (USS Oklahoma) (turned over), on the right – battleship “Maryland” (USS Maryland) (damaged).
Next, a single tanker “Neosho” (not damaged) and, at the right edge of the photo, the battleship “California” (USS California) (sunk).
In the distance, the Hickam Field airfield is on fire.


Source of Pearl Harbor: National Archives of the United States.



Location: Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
Date: December 7, 1941

In : 1941

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