Parisians welcome to the Nazi Wehrmacht


The inhabitants of Paris (Parisians) are looking to engage in the city of the Nazi Wehrmacht.

As a result, began May 10, 1940 attack of the Wehrmacht only a month was defeated the French army. June 14 German troops entered without a fight in Paris, which was announced by the French government an open city to prevent its destruction.
June 22, 1940 France shamefully capitulated to the humiliating conditions for themselves: 60% of its territory was occupied, part of the land annexed by Germany and Italy, the rest of the territory ruled by a puppet government. The French were supposed to contain the occupying German forces. French army and navy disarmed, the French prisoners were supposed to be in the concentration camps (of one and a half million French prisoners of war around a million remain in camps until 1945).



Photography Location: Paris, France
Time taken: 14 June 1940



Information about the photo Source:
1. Parisians

In : 1940

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