Opening of the monument to Peter I by the occupation administration of Taganrog

monument to Peter the Great

May 14, 1903, a monument to the founder of Taganrog Peter I was inaugurated in honor of the gate of the city garden on Petrovskaya Street. In January 1924, the figure of Peter I was removed from the pedestal and installed in the lobby of the city library of Anton Chekhov, and in 1933 – in the building of the Museum of Local Lore. In 1940, the monument to Peter I was installed on the tip of the cape opposite the port.

After the seizure of the city, the new occupation authorities held several standard public burnings of books of the “Bolshevik” type, replaced the names of many streets with old ones, pre-revolutionary ones.
Finally, it was decided in a solemn atmosphere to return the monument to Peter I to the old place – at the main entrance to the city park, on Peterstrasse (former Lenin Street, former Petrovskaya Street).



Location: Taganrog, USSR
Date: 1942

In : 1942

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