Officers of the Black Sea Navy and photo reporter for the newspaper “Red Chernomorets” Alexander Sokolenko

Officers of the Black Sea Navy

A group of officers of the Black Sea Military Fleet of the USSR came to congratulate Alexander Sokolenko, photo correspondent for the Krasny Chernomorets newspaper, on his birthday.

In the picture from left to right: political officer of the 10th motor battalion A. Khantsev, A. Sokolenko, instructor of the political department of the Black Sea Fleet N. Yemelyanov, staff of the 7th Marine Brigade L. Osinovsky and commissar of the Northern Battery A. Lebedev.

During the defense of Sevastopol, all but Alexander Sokolenko died.



Location: Sevastopol, USSR
Date: March 18, 1942
Author photo Boris Sheinin

In : 1942

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