Baker the nuclear explosion on Bikini Atoll

Nuclear explosion Baker on Bikini Atoll

Nuclear explosion “Baker” on the atoll of Bikini (Marshall Islands). An American 40-kiloton atomic bomb was detonated 27 meters below the water surface 3.5 miles (5.6 km) from the atoll. This was the second and last atomic explosion in the American tests of July 1946, called Operation Crossroads.

The purpose of these tests was to study the impact of a nuclear explosion on ships. For this purpose, 73 ships were assembled in the sea – both obsolete American and captured, for example, the Japanese battleship “Nagato”. During the Baker explosion, the Nagato battleship, which was in very poor condition, received strong convulsions and after 4 days turned over and sank.

The nuclear explosion resulted in a strong radioactive contamination of target ships, which the Americans could not neutralize. Because of this test, the program of which included the third explosion, it was necessary to stop.



Location: Bikini Atoll, Marshall Islands
Date: 25 July 1946

In : 1946

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