Naval battle in Mers-el-Kebir

Naval battle

A sea battle between the British and French squadrons at Mers-el-Kebir.
The English Hood battleships (left) and Valiant under the return fire of the French Dunkirk or Provence battleship near Mers-el-Kebir. The operation Catapult on July 3, 1940, about 17.00.

Operation Catapult is an operation to seize and destroy French ships in English and colonial ports. The operation was carried out after the capitulation of France, under the pretext of preventing the entry of ships under German control. The main episode of the operation was the attack by the British Navy of the French squadron at the port of Mers-el-Kebir on July 3, 1940.




Place of photo: Algeria
Date of the photo: 3 July 1940

In : 1940

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