N. Maltsev and M. Babikov – intelligence officers from the 181st reconnaissance detachment of the Red Army

N. Maltsev and M. Babikov

The participants of the hand-to-hand fight at Cape Krestovyi reconnaissance from the 181st special reconnaissance and sabotage detachment of the Northern Navy of the USSR are the senior sailor N. Maltsev (left) and the foreman of the first article Makar Andreevich Babikov (right).

M.A. Babikov – the future Hero of the Soviet Union.

The strong point of the German mountain rangers at Cape Krestovy guarded the long approaches to Liinakhamari and had two four-gun batteries – 88-mm anti-aircraft, 155-mm heavy and one three-gun 20-mm anti-caster battery. The Nazi artillery batteries on Krestovoy were captured by Soviet fighters on October 12, 1944 from the rear after a thirty-kilometer march before the landing of an amphibious assault force in Liinakhamari.

Location: USSR
Date: October 1944

In : 1944

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