Soviet artillery soldier Nikolai Polikarpov at the firing position near Kiev

Mortarsman Nikolai Polikarpov

The junior sergeant of the Red Army, mortar-gunner – Nikolai Mikhailovich Polikarpov (1905—1944) in the firing position near Kiev. 1st Ukrainian Front.
One of the most famous photographs of the Great Patriotic War of the Soviet Union.
Nikolai Polikarpov was born in the village of Vyazovka of Kamensky (now – Uvarovsky) district of the Tambov region, was the chairman of the collective farm “Udarnik”. The father of six children in 1942 volunteered for the front, was wounded several times. He died (according to OBD “Memorial” was missing) in July 1944.


Sources of information about the Nikolai Polikarpov photo:



Location: Kiev, Ukraine, USSR
Date: November 05, 1943
Author photo Vladimir Yudin

In : 1944

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