Model of the Soviet heavy attack aircraft Il-6 at the factory tests

attack aircraft Il-6

The model of the Soviet heavy attack aircraft Il-6 (factory designation TsKB-60) during tests in the wind tunnel at the plant number 39.

Soviet aircraft designer S. Ilyushin in March 1941 proposed a draft anti-tank twin-engined armored ground-attack aircraft with powerful weapons. In the summer of 1941 the model of the aircraft was considered, as a result, the design of the ground attack aircraft was approved and under the designation Il-6 was included in the plan for pilot aircraft construction for 1942. Calculations showed that the IL-6 was superior to the IL-2 in all respects, but the project of the aircraft appeared too late and in the conditions of the war that began, it did not reach the construction of a prototype.



Location: Irkutsk, USSR
Date: 1941

In : 1941

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