MG-151 cannons of the German Junkers Ju.88G-1 night fighter, captured by the British

MG-151 cannons

Sub-fuselage gondola with four 20-mm MG-151 guns of the German Junkers Ju.88G-1 night fighter of the Nazi Luftwaffe of the Third Reich, captured by the British Air Force (RAF).
On the night of 12 to 13 July 1944, an Junkers Ju.88G-1 airplane with MG-151 guns from 7./NJG 2 by mistake of the pilot (Obergefreiter Hans Mackle) landed at the airfield of the English city of Woodbridge (Essex). As a result, the allies captured the newest at that time German aviation radar FuG 220 Lichtenstein SN-2 and direction finder FuG 227 Flensburg, installed on this Junkers Ju.88G-1.


Source of information about the MG-151 photo:



Location: Woodbridge, United Kingdom
Date: 1944

In : 1944

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