Me-109 from Jagdgeschwader 27 (JG-27) at the airfield


German fighter Messerschmitt Bf.109E7 from the 27th Fighter Squadron (JG-27) at the airfield. April 1941, the Balkans.

27th fighter squadron of the Luftwaffe (Jagdgeschwader 27, the JG-27) was established October 1, 1939 in Handorf, Germany. JG-27 participated in the Battle of Britain, in December 1940, declared 146 victories, losing 83 aircraft and 58 pilots Bf.109E killed, missing or taken prisoner by the English.

In April 1941, JG-27 was placed in the Balkans, and later took part in the invasion of Germany in the Soviet Union. June 22, 1941 the pilot of the JG-27 Major Wolfgang Schellmann over Soviet territory shot down the fighter I-153 “Chaika” (pilot, Lieutenant Kuzmin, died), but he was hit, bailed out and was taken prisoner and then shot .

On the Eastern Front, JG-27 fought briefly (announced 10 victories) and was transferred to North Africa, where he became famous for his successful actions. In 1944, JG-27 was located in Europe, he participated in the battles against the allied forces in France and Germany, bringing heavy losses in aerial combat. So, November 2, 1944 the squadron suffered the greatest losses in its history in one day, losing 53 aircraft (27 pilots were killed, 11 injured). May 8, 1945 JG-27 residues in Salzburg, Austria surrendered to the Americans.

From 1939 to 1945, JG-27 announced more than 3,100 victories, while losing about 1,400 aircraft and 827 pilots killed, missing or captured.


Time taken: April 1941

In : 1941

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