May 9, 1945 on Red Square Moscow

Red Square in Moscow

May 9, 1945 (Day of Victory over Nazi Germany in Russia) on Red Square Moscow.

War correspondent Alexander Ustinov wrote:
“On the night of May 9, 1945 Muscovites have not slept. At 2 o’clock in the night on the radio announced that they will be sent an important message. In 2 hours, 10 minutes announcer Yuri Levitan read the act of military surrender of Nazi Germany and the Decree of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR on declaring May 9 the day of national celebration – Victory Day.
Taking a camera, I went out into the street. People ran from their homes. They happily congratulated each other on the long-awaited victory. There were red flags. People became more and more, and all moved to the Red Square Moscow. It began a spontaneous demonstration. Happy faces, singing, dancing to the accordion. In the evening there were fireworks, thirty thousand volleys of guns in honor of the great victory.”



Photography Location: Red Square Moscow
Time taken: May 9, 1945
Author: A. Krasavin

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