“Maxim Gorky” light cruiser in the dock of Kronstadt

Maxim Gorky light cruiser

Battle for Leningrad: Light cruiser “Maxim Gorky” (Project 26 bis cruiser) in the Kronstadt dock.

On June 23, 1941, covering mine settings, the cruiser blew up on a mine near Tahkuna’s lighthouse, and lost its nasal tip. Nevertheless, the team managed to maintain the buoyancy of the ship and reach it to the port in Tallinn and then to Kronstadt. To carry out urgent restoration work was assigned to plant number 189. Instead of the planned three months, it took only 43 days to restore the “Maxim Gorky”. And on August 24, 1941, the cruiser was already ready to carry out new combat missions.

Location: Kronstadt, USSR
Image Date: July 1941

In : 1941

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