Marshal of Poland Michał Rola-Żymierski

Michał Rola-Żymierski

Polish commander, Marshal of Poland, cavalier of the Soviet Order of Victory Michal Zhymersky (Michał Żymierski, real name – Łyżwiński, pseudonym – Rola, 1890-1989).

During the Second World War, Michał Żymierski actively participated in the resistance movement. From May 1943 – he is a military adviser at the General Staff of the Guard Lyudova (in the same year he was given the rank of general).
Since January 1944, Michał Żymierski has been the Commander-in-Chief of the Army Ludowa and at the same time the head of the national defense department of the Polish National Liberation Committee (PKNO).
By the Decree of the Craiova Rada Narodowa dated July 21, 1944, the 1st Polish Army and the Army of Ludowa were merged into the Polish Army, and Michał Żymierski was appointed its commander-in-chief. In 1944-1945, he was the War Minister of the so-called “Lublin Committee” – in fact, the Polish government completely controlled by the USSR May 3, 1945 he was awarded the title of Marshal of Poland. June 9, 1945 Marshal Michał Żymierski was awarded the highest Soviet commander’s order “Victory”. After the war, he was Minister of Defense of the Polish People’s Republic, he held a number of other high posts.

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