Marcel Lefevre – commander of the Cherbourg squadron from the Normandy regiment and his Soviet comrades at the Yak-9 fighter

Marcel Lefevre, Yak-9 fighter

The commander of the Cherbourg squadron of the Normandy regiment Marcel Lefevre and his Soviet comrades (lieutenant-technician Tarasov and senior sergeant Kolupayev) at the Yak-9 fighter No. 14.

Marcel Lefevre made 105 successful combat missions, participated in 30 air battles, in which he personally shot down 11 German aircraft.
May 28, 1944 Marcel Lefevre fighter was hit, and he was wounded. Seven days later, a French pilot died of his wounds in a Soviet hospital. On 4 June 1945, Lieutenant Marcel Lefevre was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union posthumously.

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