US M4A3 Sherman and the destroyed Japanese Type 97 Chi-Ha tank

M4A3 Sherman, Type 97

Tank crew of the M4A3 “Classy Reg” tank from Company “C” of the US 716th Tank Battalion are passing by the destroyed Type 97 Chi-Ha Shinhoto in the Linmangsen area on the island of Luzon.
The Japanese tank – Type 97 Chi-Ha belonged to the 4th company of the 7th Tank Regiment of the 2nd Panzer Division. Japanese tanks, as part of the “Shigemi” detachment (according to other information from the “Takaki” detachment) together with the divisions of the 23rd Japanese Infantry Division, around midnight on the 16th, participated in the attack on the forward positions of the 3rd battalion of the 103rd American Infantry Regiment , supported by the company C (commander Captain John Huntington) of the 716th tank battalion, with the task through Binalonan to Manaoag to go to the rear of the advancing American units. In this night battle and during the morning of January 17, the Japanese lost 11 tanks.



Location: Luzon Island, Philippines
Date: January 17, 1945

In : 1945

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