Lützow heavy cruiser under attack from the Red Banner Baltic Air Force aircraft

Lützow heavy cruiser


German Lützow heavy cruiser hit by Pe-2 aircraft from the 12th Guards Aviation Regiment of dive-bombers of the Baltic Fleet’s air force. District Halbinsel Hela.

Lützow heavy cruiser supported the German troops, who defended in East Prussia.
Soviet pilots failed to destroy the cruiser – it was heavily damaged and sank (sat on the ground) in Swinemünde on April 16, 1945 from bombs of British aircraft, and on May 4, 1945, as the Soviet forces approached, the Nazi crew Kriegsmarine blew up their ship.


Source of photo information:

  1. TsVMA, fund 122.



Location: Baltic
Date: April 1945

In : 1945

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