Lieutenant Hiro Onoda surrenders to the Philippine authorities 28 years after the end of the war

Lieutenant Hiro Onoda

Japan’s junior intelligence lieutenant Hiro Onoda surrenders to the Philippine authorities.

In January 1945, Hiro Onoda (1922–2014) arrived on the Philippine island of Lubang, having received from the commander, Lieutenant General Yoko Shizuo, the order “Suicide is strictly prohibited! Hold on 3-5 years. I will definitely come for you. Continue the fight, while at least one soldier is still alive, even if you have to eat the fruits of palm trees. I repeat, suicide is strictly prohibited! ”
After the defeat of the Japanese by Americans, Onoda fled to the mountains along with his three subordinates and began a guerrilla war. Despite the fact that he received information about the state of affairs in the world, for decades he refused to believe that the war was over. Considering that he was obliged to carry out the order given to him in 1945, he attacked the Filipino military, police and peasants. 30 people became victims of attacks and shootings, another 100 were injured; two subordinates of Onoda died, one surrendered in 1950.

Only after Yosimi Taniguchi, the former major and immediate commander of Onoda, flew to Lubang and appealed to Onoda with an order to lay down his arms, did he agree to surrender. On March 10, 1974, Onoda brought a report for Taniguchi and surrendered to the Philippine authorities, having a good Arisaka type 99 rifle, 500 rounds of ammunition for it, several hand grenades and a samurai sword. With the intervention of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, he was pardoned by the Filipinos and returned to Japan.

Location: Lubang, Philippines
Image Date: March 10, 1974

In : 1974

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