Lieutenant-General of Red Army Vasily Sokolovsky

Vasily Sokolovsky

Portrait of the Chief of Staff of the Western Front of the Red Army, Soviet Lieutenant-General Vasily Sokolovsky.
Vasily Danilovich Sokolovsky was born in 1897. In February 1918 he voluntarily joined the ranks of the Red Army. Participant of the Civil War in Soviet Russia. From 1922 he participated in the struggle against the Basmachi in Central Asia. With the outbreak of the Great Patriotic War, Vasily Sokolovsky, First Deputy Chief of the General Staff. In July 1941, he headed the headquarters of the Western Front, and in February 1943 appointed commander of the Western Front. For the skilful leadership of military operations, personal courage and courage in May 1945, V. Sokolovsky was awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union. After the war, Vasily Sokolovsky headed the Group of Soviet Occupation Forces and the Soviet military administration in Germany.



Location: USSR
Date: 1941
Author: Margaret Burke-White

In : Unknown

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