Leonid Utesov on the wing of the fighter La-5F Jolly Fellows

Leonid Utesov

Leonid Utesov poses for the Soviet press on the wing of the fighter La-5F, built on the means of his ensemble Jolly Fellows. The moment of transfer of the aircraft to the Red Army Air Force.

La-5F with the onboard number 14 from white Jolly Fellows from the senior lieutenant Alexander Masterkova, the 5th Guards Fighter Aviation Regiment. On the right side of the fuselage, the inscription From the Jazz Orchestra by Leonid Utyosov is made.

This is one of two La-5F fighters, built with the money of the artists of the jazz band from Leonid Utyosov. The aircraft were transferred to the pilots of the 5th GIAP in November 1943. Both aircraft flew as part of the 5th GIAP until Victory.




Place of photo: USSR
Date of the photo: November 1943
Author: Mikhail Trakhman

In : 1943

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