Komsomol active of all antiaircraft artillery regiments of the city of Saratov

Komsomol active of Saratov

Komsomol active of all regiments of antiaircraft artillery of the city of Saratov. In the center – the most deserved fighters: the captain with the Order of the Red Star, the girls to the right and left of him – with the medals “For Courage”.

Although the front ran far from Saratov, the city and the region were near the rear of the Stalingrad front and were in a military position from September 9, 1942 to the end of 1943. Until the summer of 1943, German aircraft raided the city, the main object of which was an aircraft factory, a cracking plant, GPP-3, the Uvek and Ulyanovsk oil bases. The most serious were the bombings at the end of June and the last decade of September 1942 and in June 1943. A total of 25 raids were committed on the city, 7 thousand aerial bombs were dropped.

Source of photo information:

  1. saratov.rusarchives.ru

Location: Saratov, USSR
Date: summer 1943

In : 1943

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