Japanese suicide pilot of Ki-61 Hien aircraft attacked the American Sangamon aircraft carrier

Ki-61 Hien, aircraft carrier Sangamon

Japanese suicide pilot on a single-engine Ki-61 Hien plane attacks the US Sangamon escort aircraft carrier. He was seen from the aircraft carrier at 18.30, was shot down and plummeted into the water ten meters from the side. Of the damage to the aircraft carrier – only the antenna failure from the shock wave of the fallen kamikaze plane.

On the deck “Sangamon” the aircraft carrier stands with folded wings fighter aircraft F6F “Hellcat”.

An hour later, a new, more successful attack took place at Sangamon. Two-engine Kawasaki Ki-45 Toryu dropped the bomb and crashed afterward into the center of the flight deck of the aircraft carrier. The bomb and parts of the aircraft struck the deck and exploded in the interior. The fires covered the flight deck, the hangar, the fuel deck, the in-ship communication was broken, the ship became unmanageable. However, within three hours the team coped with the fire and control of the ship was restored. Victims – 11 dead, 25 missing and 21 seriously wounded.



Location: Pacific Ocean
Date: May 04, 1945

In : 1945

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