Japanese light cruiser Sakava against the shore

cruiser Sakava

Japanese light cruiser Sakava against the shore.
The Sakava cruiser was completed by construction on the Susebo shipyard on November 30, 1944. Initially, along with the cruiser Yahagi was included in the last escort of the Yamato battleship, but for Sakava and the destroyers he led, there was no fuel.
Together with the training cruiser, Kasima was the only remaining undamaged cruisers of the Japanese fleet at the end of the war, out of the 43 participating in it. August 15, 1945 passed into the hands of the Americans, from the lists of the Japanese fleet the ship was ruled out on October 5, 1945.
The disarmed ship was used to transport the repatriates, then he towed the battleship Nagato to the Bikini Atoll, where on July 1, 1946, nuclear weapons tests were conducted (Operation Crossroads). The Sakava cruiser, which was at the time of the explosion 500 meters from the epicenter, suffered heavy damage to the stern and deck superstructures. Through the holes water penetrated into the ship, the cruiser tipped to the port side and sank 25 hours after the atomic explosion.

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