Japanese “Fuso” battleship under the bombs of American carrier-based aircraft

Fuso battleship

The Japanese “Fuso” battleship during the raid of aircraft from the aircraft carrier “Franklin” at 09:18 on October 24, 1944 (battle in Leyte Gulf).
One bomb hit the battleship Fuso’s quarter-deck, broke through the upper deck and exploded into the mess-room. There was a fire in the nearby tanks of aviation gasoline, which destroyed the battleship’s seaplanes. In addition to the loss of seaplanes, a bomb hit did not cause the ship serious damage.

The next day, Fuso died in a night battle in the Surigao Strait, along with the crew. Vice-Admiral Nishimuro Shoji, commander of the 2nd division of the battleships, was killed on the battleship. On the same day, in the battle against American battleships, the battleship Yamashiro of the same type with Fuso was killed.

Location: Philippines
Date: October 24, 1944

In : 1944

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