Japanese Ka-mi floating tanks on board sea transport

Japanese floating tank Ka-mi

Japanese Ka-mi tanks of Type 2 (101st Special Marine Assault Detachment), with pontoons removed on board the sea transport, which delivers reinforcements to Saipan Island.
Japanese Ka-mi floating tank. Combat weight – 11 tons. Crew – 5 people. Armament – one 37-mm cannon, two machine guns. Armor of Ka-mi tank: forehead body – 16 mm, side – 14 mm, turret – 14 mm. Engine – diesel, 110 horsepower. Speed ​​on land is 37 km/h, on water – 9.6 km/h. Cruising range on the highway – 170 km.



Location: Saipan Island, Mariana Islands
Date: 1944

In : 1944

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