Japanese Natsugumo destroyer in the sea

Japanese destroyer Natsugumo

The Japanese Natsugumo destroyer (of the Asashio class) was built fifth among the ten ships of its class, which were the result of Japan’s refusal of the 1930 London Maritime Treaty. These destroyers were built under the 1934 rearmament program and were destroyers of a “cruising” type, the main purpose of which was a night torpedo battle.
Natsugumo destroyer with a displacement of 2,400 tons, developed a speed of 35 knots. The armament (at the time of death) was 6–127mm guns of Type 3 (elevation angle 55 degrees, which limited the air defense functions), 10–25mm anti-aircraft guns, 8–610mm torpedo tubes, 36 depth bombs Type 95 mod.2.

Natsugumo destroyer was sunk by American aircraft on the night of October 11, 1942, 170 miles from Savo Island, during the Battle of Guadalcanal.



Location: Pacific Ocean
Date: November 22, 1939

In : 1939

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