Japanese Amagi aircraft carrier, sunk in shallow water in Kure

aircraft carrier Amagi

Japanese aircraft carrier “Amagi” of “Unryu” type, sunk in shallow water in the naval base in the Kura.

The Amagi carrier started construction at the shipyard “Mitsubishi” in Nagasaki 01 October 1942, launched on 15 October 1943, entered service in August 1944.
July 27, 1945, when the American deck carrier attacked the naval base in the Kura, the aircraft carrier “Amagi” was seriously damaged by one direct hit by an air bomb and two close explosions. With the repeated attack of Americans on July 28, “Amagi” received a hit of one air bomb in the middle of the hull on the port side. The next morning the aircraft carrier lay down on the port side and sank in shallow water.



Location: Kure, Japan
Date: 1946

In : 1946

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