Japanese Akagi aircraft carrier and Nagato battleship

aircraft carrier Akagi, battleship Nagato

Japanese Akagi Aircraft carrier and Nagato battleship.
In the photo of the Ships before their modernization, it was made before 1933-1934.
Akagi aircraft carrier was modernized in 1935. The ships took part in the Second World War.
“Akagi” took part in the attack on Pearl Harbor and sank on June 5, 1942 during the battle for the Midway Atoll.
On the “Mutsu” battleship June 8, 1943 in the Hiroshima Bay there was an explosion of the cellars of the feed turrets.
“Nagato” is the only Japanese battleship that was left to the allies after the war.



Location: Japan
Date: 1932

In : 1932

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