Italian Campini Caproni CC.1 experimental fighter

Campini Caproni CC.1

The Italian experimental “jet” fighter Campini Caproni No. 1 took off on August 28 1940. Italian propaganda claimed that this was the first successful flight of a jet aircraft. In fact, the first jet flight was produced a year earlier, on a German Heinkel He 178 plane.
The Campini Caproni No. 1 did not really have a turbojet engine. The powerplant of this aircraft (author of the Secondo Campini) used a piston engine of Isotta Fraschini L.121/RC.40 with a capacity of 900 horsepower, which set in motion a compressor supplying high-pressure air into the combustion chamber. In this sense, Caproni-Campini N.1 was a twin-engine aircraft, although only one engine was used to create the thrust.



Location: Italy
Date: 1940

In : 1940

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