Iosif Mavrenkov Lieutenant of the Soviet Tank Forces

Iosif Mavrenkov Lieutenant

Lieutenant Joseph Matveevich Mavrenkov (September 7, 1911 – July 27, 1972).

1941 – 1942 – Senior Adjutant of the armored train of the 76th regiment of the NKVD;
1942 – 1943 – commander of the 34th separate armored train of the 25th division of the NKVD troops;
1943 – commander of the division of the first artillery regiment 308;
1943 – 1945 – Commander of the 1st Guards Separate Anti-Tank Fighter Division of the 120th Guards Rifle Division;
From February 1945 to March 1945 – Deputy Commander of the 517th Regiment.

Lieutenant Joseph Matveevich Mavrenkov has two severely wounded, two contusions.

Awards of Lieutenant Joseph Matveevich Mavrenkov: Order of the Red Banner, Order of Alexander Nevsky, Medal “For Courage”, Medal “For Military Merit”.

Source: family archive A.M. Shutyy

Location: USSR
Image Date: 1939

In : 1939

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