International ocean freight shipping: Captain and officers of the American Booker T. Washington transport ship

International ocean freight shipping

International ocean freight shipping in World War II: A group photo of the captain and officers, crew members of the SS Booker T. Washington transport ship immediately after the end of the first voyage to the UK in February 1943.

In the photo from left to right: C. Lastic, Second Mate; T.J. Young, Midshipman; E.B. Hlubik, Midshipman; C. Blackman, Radio Operator; T. A. Smith, Chief Engineer; Hugh Mulzac, Captain of the ship; Adolphus Fokes, Chief Mate; lt. H. Kruley; E.P. Rutland, Second Engineer; and H.E. Larson, Third Engineer.

Source: International ocean freight shipping.

Location: Atlantic
Photo Time: February 08, 1943

In : 1943

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