IL-2 Revenge of Barinov

IL-2 "Revenge of Barinov"

Named Il 2 Sturmovik Revenge of the Barinov family & Residents of Leningrad P.V. Barinov and her daughter E.P. Barinov, along with the pilot Captain G.M. Parshin, who flew on the aircraft IL-2, given as a gift from Barinov family. The attack aircraft cabin is – gunner Sergeant I. G. Skripnikov.

Before the war, the family of Praskovya Vasilyevna Barinova consisted of six people: a husband, three daughters and a son. In 1942, in besieged Leningrad died husband Praskovya Vasilyevna and the youngest, five year old daughter. Son of Victor, who fought in the militia, went missing in the battles for the defense of the city.

January 27, 1944, the day of fireworks in honor of the complete liberation of Leningrad from the blockade, mother and daughter Barinov (they both worked in the 27th Leningrad polyclinic) made all their savings (including legacy left by their family one of the family) in the country’s defense fund and asked the government – to build on this money plane, calling it “Revenge of Barinov.”

June 1, 1944 a new attack aircraft IL-2 in the presence of Barinov was officially handed over to the best pilots 943rd Attack Aviation Regiment of the 13th Air Army of the Leningrad Front captain Georgy Mikhailovich Parshin. On the left side of the fuselage there was an inscription “Revenge of Barinov”, on the right – “For Leningrad”. On this plane, G.M. Parshin made more than a hundred sorties, participated in the liberation of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, in the storming of Berlin, shot down 10 aircraft, destroyed a large amount of equipment and manpower. He was twice awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union – August 19, 1944 and April 19, 1945.

G.M. Parshin died March 13, 1956 when performing a test flight in the IL-28 aircraft. P.V. Barinov died in 1974, her daughter, Evgenia – in 1972.



Location: USSR

Time taken: June 1, 1944
Author: George Konovalov

In : 1944

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