I-16 fighter of the Soviet pilot Anatoly Lomakin in the Museum of the Defense of Leningrad

I-16 fighter of the Anatoly Lomakin

Russian I-16 fighter aircraft of the Red Army Air Force of Hero of the Soviet Union A.G. Lomakin in the Museum of the Defense of Leningrad.
Anatoly Georgievich Lomakin-deputy commander of the squadron of the 21st Fighter Regiment (8th Mine-Torpedo Air Division, Air Force of the Red Banner Baltic Fleet.) Killed in combat on January 25, 1944. On the account of Anatoly Lomakin, 502 combat sorties, 52 air battles, 7 enemy planes shot down personally and 17 in the group.



Location: Leningrad, USSR
Date: 1945

In : 1945

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