HMSM Torbay

HMSM Torbay

The English “Torbay” submarine (HMSM Torbay) in 1940.

HMSM Torbay – Onboard number N79. Type T. Construction began on November 21, 1938, launched on April 9, 1940, accepted into the Royal Navy of Great Britain on January 14, 1941.

HMSM Torbay was used in the Mediterranean Sea (1941–1945) on the Pacific Ocean (1945). Sank 17 ships (38,000 tons), 5 warships and 24 fishing vessels.

Two incidents in July 1941 can be classified as war crimes – shooting sailors of sunken ships in the water.

HMSM Torbay sold December 19, 1945, cut into metal in March 1947.

Location: UK
Photo date: 1940

In : 1941

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