HMSM Seraph of the Royal Navy

HMSM Seraph

The English “Seraph” submarine (HMSM Seraph) in 1944.

The side number is P219. Type S. Construction started on August 16, 1940, launched on October 25, 1941, accepted into the structure of the British Navy on June 27, 1942

Mainly used for reconnaissance and special operations: in the region of Norway (July 1942), North Africa (Operation Torch, September — October 1942), Mediterranean Sea (October — December 1942), Atlantic (Operation Mince, April 1943), then – the Mediterranean. Belonged to the 8th flotilla.

HMSM Seraph was withdrawn from the fleet on October 21, 1962, cut into metal in 1965.

Location: Mediterranean Sea
Photo date: 1944

In : 1944

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