Hermann Goering at lunch during the Nuremberg Trials

Hermann Goering

One of the main war criminals of the Third Reich, Hermann Göring, at dinner during the Nuremberg Trials.
Eugene Khaldei: “Once an American photographer came to us and said that if we have flashlights with us, then we can go with him. We were led into a room, approximately 40 square meters. There were tables at the wall, there was no light. At each table sat four people. Here in the picture are Goering, Rosenberg, Admiral Denitz and von Schirach. Keitel was sitting together with Jodl. I walked along the wall with my camera and took pictures with the flash. Keitel covered his face with his hand. Then I went to the table with Hermann Goering. While there were other photographers – Americans and Frenchmen – he did not say anything. But as soon as he saw my Russian uniform, he started to scream. “What is it, you can not eat quietly!” He frightened me. Then the American lieutenant approached and asked what was the matter, why Goering yells. I have no idea, I say. I just wanted to take a picture. The lieutenant went up to Goering and told him to stop yelling. But he did not stop. Then the lieutenant raised his baton and gave Hermann Goering on the back of his head. After that, it became quiet”.



Location: Nuremberg Trials, Germany
Date: February 1946
Author: Evgeni Khaldei

In : 1946

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