Head of the Bolshevik’s organization “Young Guard” Ivan Turkenich

Ivan Turkenich

Ivan V. Turkenich (1920-1944) – commander of the underground Komsomol organization “Young Guard“.
In the summer of 1941, in the rank of lieutenant Ivan Turkenich was sent to the Urals Military District, and then to the courses of commanders of mortar batteries at the Military Academy named after Dzerzhinsky. In May-July 1942 Ivan Turkenich was at the front, was an assistant to the chief of staff of the 614th anti-tank artillery regiment.

In one of the medium-sized battles, the Don River Ivan Turkenich was captured, but fled to occupied Krasnodon (now in the Lugansk region of Ukraine), where he joined the underground anti-fascist organization of the Young Guard. Ivan Turkenich was elected commander of this organization. After the disclosure of the organization in the very beginning of January 1943, he managed to avoid arrest and cross the front line.

Ivan Turkenich returned to Krasnodon after the liberation of the city as commander of a mortar battery of the 163rd Guards Rifle Regiment. From May 1943 to February 1944 Ivan Turkenich served in the 473rd Regiment as an assistant to the Chief of Staff of the regiment. Since February 1944 was at the disposal of the Political Department of the 99th Rifle Division of the Zhitomir Red Banner Division.
August 13, 1944 during the fighting for the Polish town Glogow captain Ivan Turkenich was mortally wounded and a day later died.

To the title of Hero of the Soviet Union was introduced in August 1944, but was awarded him posthumously only on May 5, 1990.

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