Hazelwood – American destroyer a few days after the Japanese kamikaze attack


 Hazelwood – American destroyer (USS Hazelwood (DD-531)) at sea, a few days after the attack of the Japanese kamikaze plane.
Photo taken from the destroyer Melvin (USS Melvin (DD-680)).
On April 29, 1945, the destroyer of the Hazelwood radar patrol in the waters of Okinawa attacked three kamikazes on A6M Zero fighters. Two Japanese aircraft were shot down by anti-aircraft destroyer fire before the third Zero crashed into the Hazelwood.
The burning fuel of the Japanese aircraft covered most of the ship. 10 officers, including the captain of the ship commander V.P. Dow, and 67 sailors died. 36 sailors were missing, many of the Hazelwood destroyer crew were injured and burned. However, under the command of one of the remaining officers, Lieutenant Locke, the fires were extinguished, and the roll that appeared was eliminated. On May 05, 1945, the damaged ship reached the American naval base on Ulity Atoll and got up for repairs.

USS Hazelwood (DD-531).

Location: Okinawa, Japan
Photo Time: May 1945

In : 1945

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