Hawker Typhoon IB: Loading RP-3 missiles into the external wing mounts of this fighter-bomber

Hawker Typhoon

The loading of RP-3 missiles (27 kg) onto the external wing guard installations of the Hawker Typhoon IB fighter-bomber from the 247th Royal Air Force squadron in 1944-1945.
Hawker Typhoon is a British single-seat fighter-bomber from World War II. Manufactured by Hawker Aircraft Ltd. from 1941 to November 1945.
Hawker Typhon remained in service until 1947. Originally developed as an interceptor to replace the Hawker Hurricane fighter, but due to some design problems it did not fully meet the requirements.
Hawker Typhoon is one of the most successful RAF attack aircraft during World War II.

Location: Western Europe
Photo Time: 1944 – 1945

In : 1945

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